The 127th Canton fair will be held online in mid-to-late June


According to Chinese State Council executive meeting on April,7th, 2020, against the global epidemic situation, the meeting decided, the 127th Canton Fair held in online in mid to late June invite the online display products at home and abroad, using advanced information technology, provide 24-hour online recommendation for docking services such as online discussion, makes the high-quality goods online trade platform, make orders from domestic and foreign businessmen never leave home to do business.

On the afternoon of April 23, the ministry of commerce held a regular online press conference, the deputy director of the general office of the ministry of commerce press spokesman gao feng answered the reporters at the press conference about the online Canton Fair formally determined the time, the preparatory work time is tight, how is the progress in the exhibition and the promotion of buyers?

According to the characteristics of the 127th Canton Fair held on the Internet, we have started the work of attracting investment and exhibitions. Currently, the fair is progressing smoothly, with an eye to covering the whole world, and invitations have been sent to over 400,000 overseas buyers who attended the fair.The fair will also carry out precise investment attraction through overseas partners of the Canton fair, such as major international industrial and commercial institutions, multinational purchasing enterprises, etc. Through various channels, actively invite thoses who couldn't attend Canton Fair in the past due to time or other factors, such as travel costs cannot be present at the meeting, efforts to attract more international purchasers attending, take orders confirmed market create favorable conditions for enterprises. Meanwhile, we increase the intensity of domestic buyers invitation, expand the scope of professional buyers to invite, actively expand import, shifted to promote foreign trade enterprises.

On the issue of the focus at the time, B2B exhibition is an important function by short time display the concentration information, resources as a whole, mix, Canton Fair held in the online help enterprises docking market will also maintain the features and advantages, tens of thousands of buyers and exhibitors within 10 days high frequency exchange fully interactive, both is advantageous to the purchaser one-stop shopping, can also help the exhibitors to optimize sales strategy, concentrated buyers demand information collection, both sides can be accordingly to the year or over a period of time purchasing or production and operation plan. From the perspective of exhibition organizers, holding the exhibition within a limited time is conducive to inviting global purchasers to participate in the exhibition, increasing the attention, expanding the coverage of communication, and bringing more business opportunities for negotiation and cooperation to exhibitors.

This year's Canton Fair will strengthen online matchmaking, provide honest background information for both parties, and replicate the trade negotiation environment of mutual trust between the two parties. Provide multi-language translation support for the docking platform to facilitate the communication between buyers and exhibitors. For each of the exhibitors set up a 24-hour online broadcast room, you can not only face to face negotiations, also can carry out publicity.


Post time: May-06-2020